Engage! Summits Bahamar

Picture a tropical space filled with the most eclectic mix of creative and fun humans. That is what you get when you attend an Engage summit! I was excited to be a part of this Vapor Wave Themed welcome party with an incredible team of talented individuals lead by a ROCK STAR of a woman by the name of Jes Gordon

Vapor wave Welcome Party

Attendees were blown away by the level of far out thinking that went into transforming an average looking space into a dynamic and colorful orb garden. The setting changed slightly as guests made their way through a neon lazored walkway designed Jacob Co before reaching their final destination where I greeted them with some Vapor wave tunes to set the tone and compliment the theme.

Photo Gallery

Highlight film by Derek Chan Films

Dream Team


Host Resort and Location: @bahamarresorts@BahaBayBahaMar

Creative Director, Design and Production: @JesGordon

Art Direction, Event Branding, Signage: @TPDDesignHouse

Flowers, Decor, Rentals, Production: @wildflowers_bahamas

Production and Operations Director: @FiredogCreative

Audio, Visual, Sound, Lighting: Encore Technologies

Lighting Design: @Jacobco_Creative

Lasers: @vividskyvertical

Welcome Party DJ: @dj_valentina

Custom Linens: @nuagedesignsinc

Custom Vinyl: @eventgraffiti

Video: @DerekChanFilms

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